Monday, May 7, 2007

Close one eye work

Close one eye work
This is the common general mindset of people today that their concern is only about their lives."Life is short, so enjoy it", "Don't worry be happy", "Take it easy"- these are some of their famous motto. They say anything about the next life is Heaven's business and they care only to enjoy this life to the fullest.

But if you really use your Big Brain in your head, look around you- who make everything go smooth automatically? Why the traffic moves in orderly manner automatically? Why the elevators in every buildings function automatically? Why everything electronics- in the offices, shopping malls or in house that people use to live their lifes and make money- function automatically?

Who create the universe and this world? Is it the aliens which the scientists believe who are the highly advance civilisation in the universe? Why the scientists make news headline saying there is a nearby solar system where the sun is smaller than our solar system that it maybe suitable for humans? Why do the scientists still couldn't make the astronauts stand upright on the moon without wearing suits and breathing equipments? Yet they say humans can live in another solar system? When the sun which is already so huge in this solar system that makes the climates and weather so unpredictable?

HE create everything of Goodness for humans to do good and do everything for goodness until the Time that will come that HE takes Only the few Good People to His Eternal Paradise of Goodness.